Suggestions and complaints

If you have a suggestion and you would like to advice us, please let us know.

How do I send a suggestion to Kanoshop?
You can reach us by letter or e-mail.

Rokxshop attn. Suggestions
Hoeksekade 141
2661 JL Bergschenhoek
Or by mail to: info@rokxshop.com

We try to offer you the best products and the best service. Yet it can occur that you are not satisfied with the product, service or how we address you as customer. Therefore, you can submit a complaint. We will gladly solve the problem together with you. You will read below what we will do with your complaint and what you can expect from our employees by handling your complaint.

What is a complaint?
A complaint is a clear, written expression of dissatisfaction of the state of affairs at Rokx Shop that you experienced as non-customer friendly. For example, you can submit a complaint about our products or our service.

Do you have a complaint?
Please let us know, so we can improve our services.

How do I submit a complaint?
You can submit a complaint at two different ways, via letter or e-mail.

Rokxshop attn. complaint
Hoeksekade 141
2661 JL Bergschenhoek
Or via mail to: info@rokxshop.com

What has to be noted in your letter/mail?
- Name and address details
- Date and location
- Product or service
- Details about your complaint (content etc.)

Handling complaints
A complaint will be assessed and processed by the team manager. The team manager always tune up the complaints with a knowledgeable staff member. Within 14 days we will send you an e-mail with a reaction about your complaint. In this e-mail we will tell you new agreements or undertakings, and/or explaining a new decision. To react faster to a complaint, or because additional information is needed, we might as well call you. Agreements made in these calls will always be confirmed on paper.