Warranty and repair

For every product you buy at Rokxshop, the legal guarantee applies. This means that a product should be in good condition and should function properly, with normal use. When you receive a product and that’s not the case, we will provide you as soon as possible with a suitable solution. Depending on the product we will replace the product, repair the product or give you a refund. Besides the legal guarantee some articles also have a manufacturer warranty. A warranty of the manufacturer is an extra guarantee provided by the manufacturer or importer. This warranty has its own conditions, made by the manufacturer or importer. More information about this warranty is written in the documentation/labels of the product.

If the product is improperly used, such as fall-, impact- or crushing damage, or by incorrect use, you are not entitled to free repair or replacements. Also when the defect is within the expected pattern during normal use of the article, for example by wear and tear, you can’t claim free repair or replacement. You can always send us your product so we can try to fix your product, when possible and at to be determined costs. Please contact one of our employees via 0031 (0)10 5214333. Repair or replacement doesn’t bring renewal and/or extension of the warranty with it, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Requesting warranty or repair
When you have the right for warranty of your product, you need to request a ‘returning request’ first before sending us the product. This can be done easily, by following the fellow steps:

Step 1. Requesting a returning request
- Download the return request, print it out and fill in.

Step 2. Filling in your data and information
- Fill in your personal details.
- Fill in the product details, and add, if applicable, size and colour.
- Describe the damage/defect and how the damage/defect occurred.
- Add one of more photo’s to illustrate your description (not the product, which is
step 6!)

Step 3. Check your request.
- Check if your request is complete and filled in correctly

Step 4. Sending your request.
- Send your request by letter or mail to:

Rokxshop attn. returning request
Hoeksekade 141
2661 JL Bergschenhoek
Or via mail to: info@rokxshop.com

Step 5. Processing your request
- Once the request is submitted, our employees will judge if you have a right for warranty. This might take a few days because contact with the dealer is necessary.
- After our employees judged your request, they will contact you about the processing of your request.
- If you have a right for warranty, please continue with step 6.

Step 6. Returning your product.
- Pack the article, together with your invoice (or copy) and a copy of the warranty request in a solid package to:

Rokxshop attn. returning request
Hoeksekade 141
2661 JL Bergschenhoek

Step 7. Warranty refund
- Once we received your returned product, we will send you a conformation mail.
- We will let you know when you can expect the warranty refund.

What if a product isn’t available anymore for warranty replacement?
If the exact product isn’t available, we will go in contact with you and provide you with a suitable solution. This can be a total refund of your order or replacing the product with a similar product. If the product is replaced by a cheaper product, you will receive the difference as a refund. If the product is more expensive the remaining amount will be charged.

Returning a product for warranty
If you have the right for warranty and returning a product, you need to ask for a ‘returning request’ first before sending us the product. This can be done easily via ‘returning request’. When your request is still under the warranty term, the product can be send, including the original invoice and the returning request to:
Rokxshop attn. returning request
Hoeksekade 141
2661 JL Bergschenhoek
Or via mail to: info@rokxshop.com

Repairing costs
When we determine the product is still within the warranty terms and conditions, the product will be replaced or repaired without any costs. When the product isn’t within its warranty term, we can offer you that the product can be replaced or repaired. Costs for the repair will then be charged. Once we assessed the request, we can make an estimate of the expected costs. We will contact you about these costs and if you agree with these costs, we can repair the product. After receiving your payment for the repairing costs we will return the product. When a product needs to be send to a manufacturer to determine a warranty situation, and it turns out no warranty applies, the shipping and evaluation costs are for the customer.

Duration handling repair and warranty
It depends per product and supplier how long the handling duration will be. We try to give the customer the best estimated possibility about the duration and we keep you informed about the developments.