About Rokxshop.com

No stress-shopping and easily from every location. That is Rokxshop.com, the online store from Rokx Shop. At Rokxshop.com you will find every product easily, containing information and tips that should help you making your choice.

Easy ordering and quickly delivered
Because of our accessible website you will find the products easily, see if that product is in stock and order the product straight away. Your order will be shipped within 2 work days and you can check the progress of your order online. It is even possible to ship boats (not longer than 4 meters) and paddles via our transport service.

How to choose
Shopping from your home, and still having the advice available from one of our specialists? That’s possible! With our “how to choose” option it’s easy to find information step by step about different products. For example, if you are searching for a new canoe, and you don’t know which type of boat fits you best? With “how to choose” please click on “canoe and kayak” and a display appears with an overview what type of boat fits at what type of water, activity, boater and style of paddling. The ‘How to choose’ can be used to prepare your visit to our shop in Bergschenhoek. So this way you’re able to obtain information about the various products before your visit and focus more at your test paddle or trying out our products.